Wedding is one of the most important and biggest decisions in life. It is quite understandable that you would like to enjoy some time only with friends before entering holy matrimony. Now, when you are meeting friends and letting your hair down, drinks are going to be a big part of the enjoyment. In such a situation, thinking about driving, following traffic rules, looking for a convenient parking spot and such can really hinder the mood for fun. So, opting for limo services or party limo rental services we offer will be the next logical step. The trusted vehicle, driven by a trusted professional we will provide will make roaming around Toronto or Southern Ontario convenient, comfortable, enjoyable and safe. Call us today, hire and limo and enjoy a fun night out with friends.

1. Round trip service: This service allows you a pick-up from one location, drop-off to your destination and return at the end of your event and drop-off to one location of your choice at pre-scheduled times only.

2. Livery service: This party limo rental service offers you the option of 6 or 8 consecutive hours of service. The vehicle stays with the client for a total of 6 or 8 hours based on your selection. You are allowed multiple pick-ups, multiple drop-offs and multiple stops. The client provides us with an itinerary for the number of hours selected. In this service, the vehicle is exclusively reserved for one client only.



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