Prom is one of the biggest events in your child’s life. Not only he or she will have fun, but the planning, dress selection, preparation, and anticipation for the event will also remind you of your own prom night. It is going to be one of the best nights of his or her life. If you want, then it is possible to make the event even more special. Choose our prom limo services, hire a limo for your boy or girl and his or her friends. He or she is going to feel confident and turn a few heads along with enjoying the ride. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about your kid returning home late at night. Our professional chauffeur will ensure that they are dropped safely at your front door. By choosing this Prom Limo Service, you are not only giving a taste of adulthood to this young adult in your life but making prom night truly a beautiful experience for him or her.

1. Round trip service: This service allows you a pick-up from one location, drop-off to your destination and return at the end of your event and drop off to one location of your choice at pre-scheduled times only.

2. Prom livery service: This service offers you 8 consecutive hours of service. The vehicle stays with the client for a total of 8 hrs. You are allowed multiple pick-ups, multiple drop-offs and multiple stops. The client provides us with an itinerary for 8 hrs. In this service, the vehicle is exclusively reserved for one client only.



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